Tigard’s Changing Color Guard

By Reilly King, Staff Writer

Tigard High School’s Color Guard is faced with a challenge this year. Four seniors left the team leaving them with a different dynamic than they’ve had in past years.

“I think the group this year is more cohesive,” said Color Guard coach Jeffrey Capponi.

They start practice every day by plugging in an Ipod and alternating from abdominal workouts to stretching. Once  coach Capponi  arrives it is straight to business. They run through a long list of leg and arm warm-ups then go to working on different movements. They laugh and joke when things don’t go right, but they constantly strive for perfection.

“If we do it right we can have more fun,” stated Capponi.

The guard is most excited for the upcoming competitions and a chance to “be good.”

“We have been successful in the past,” said Capponi, “and we have a lot of talent this year.”

The guard’s captain is Quinn Johnston helps lead warm-ups before the  coach arrives and helps out when a team member struggles. The guard performs with the Marching Band during halftime of Tigard’s home football games. They wave their flags proudly and keep their heads up even if things don’t always go the way they want.

With the theme of “Anything Can Happen” this year the guard is putting their best foot forward and having fun but getting things done.