Sports Profile: Alexis Carter

By Jamie Burgess, Staff Writer

The sound of squeaking tennis shoes rings through the ceiling of the gym as the visiting basketball team warms up on the court. The bright lights create a welcoming atmosphere, as Tigard supporters sit close together on the bleachers. Loyal fans chant the names of players. The girls basketball team stands together on the sidelines shaking out their nerves, getting ready to play. Most of the girls are easily recognized for being on the team, but one girl specifically catches every one’s eye.

Sophomore Alexis “Lexi” Carter isn’t like the average high school girl. She didn’t have to play up the ranks from freshman to varsity. Her first year in high school, she put on the jersey as the varsity point guard.

“My parents are big sports fans,” said Carter. “I was raised around sports. I started playing when I was four.”

Her love doesn’t just stop at basketball. She also plays on varsity soccer and varsity softball.

“My goal is to go to college and play for the level D1 teams,” she said about her future, “Hopefully I can even get a scholarship!”

Part of being on a team means that you must work well with others. Her teammates speak highly of her. She tries to be a good leader and interact with people in a positive way.

“Lexi demonstrates her leadership qualities on and off the playing field by her actions,” leadership teacher Mindy Yarnell said,  “She puts forth 110 percent all the time and truly leads by example. She has a huge heart and a kind soul. She is always trying to encourage others to do their best.”

Even though she is only a sophomore, Carter seems humble and wise. She knows that making your dreams come true means hard work, but so far she’s doing a great job. When asked about her motto, Carter replied without hesitation: “Some want it to happen. Some wish it would happen. Some make it happen.”

Clearly on the road to success, Carter is easily one of the best rising stars Tigard High has to offer. Even with all the triumphs she has already experienced, she is sticking true to her words of wisdom and remains proud of what she does. For now, she’s enjoying the journey and pursuing her dreams, but there’s no doubt that one day she’ll make it happen.