Movie – “In Time”

By Ryan Floom, Staff Writer

Twentieth Century Fox released a brand new concept to big screens nationwide last weekend. The film “In Time,” starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried came in third in the box office at $1.07 million, behind Horror flick “Paranormal Activity 3,” and Dreamwork’s latest animated film, “Puss in Boots 3D”. Puss and Paranormal are both sequels or spin offs whereas “In time” is its own original idea.

Timberlake plays a man on the run, struggling to make ends “time.” That’s right, time. The dystopian film takes place in the near future where our life expectancy is measured by a digital clock imprinted on human’s wrists. You can only live 25 years, unless you get more time. Time is what people are paid for working, time is used to gamble, time can be given to another person as a gift (all you have to do to exchange time is grip each other’s wrists). You could go from one second left to a million years if one was fortunate enough. However, if your clock reaches zero, there is no coming back.

Through love, sacrifice, and the precious value of time, the film’s themes clearly speak to the audience. We take so much for granted in our world, when in the film people truly have to work if they want to live.

The film was written, produced, and directed by Andrew Niccol whose message can effect us in such positive ways. It is a movie everyone should see. With action packed sequences and emotional content, and a beautiful plot, this film is Oscar worthy.