Digital Design and Fabrication 2 (CAD 3)

James Canfield

One of the new classes being offered next year to sophomores and up is a third level to the Computer Assisted Design courses. CAD3 expands on the tools and techniques learned by having students work on bigger projects instead of focusing on individual units.


“I’m actually having kids from my second level class submit project ideas, so if they have a great idea, they can let me know,” Engineering teacher Kristina Moore said. “A lot of it’s going to be fun projects that students have thought of to elevate their own knowledge.”


One of the unique parts of the CAD classes is their use of 3D printers to make physical objects that students design themselves. “I know some kids mentioned 3d printed bottle rockets. I don’t know, I still have to test that out and make sure the principal’s okay with that one,” Moore said.


In order to take CAD3, students tenth grade or above have to have taken either Intro to Engineering or the first level CAD course, as well as have taken the second level CAD course. Moore is also looking into getting a certification for students in either Autodesk Inventor or Fusion, two of the programs used in the class.


“…it’s fun, and you get to make objects that work, and move with the equipment in this room and it’s not intimidating equipment,” Moore said.

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