Michael Rogers found his valentine in the pubs room

By Olivia Young

February 14, 2018

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day, and many students will devote the day to feeling the love and spending time with their significant others. Students just never know. They might be passing their future valentines right here in the hall of THS. Michael Rogers, senior English teacher, met his wife Jennifer during their senior year. They were introduced to each other in the publications room. They first met when Jennifer, in yearbook, needed help posting assignments around the classroom. Michael, in newspaper, jumped in to help.

“I just remember meeting him in yearbook class our senior year and thinking he was pretty cool and being surprised we hadn’t met before because we had a lot of mutual friends,” Jennifer said. “I think that by hanging out and becoming friends in the journalism room (what we called it then), it set the stage for us to keep hanging out over the summer.”

“Basically she needed someone to help put up… assignments for that semester [that] needed to be posted around the room. She needed someone to help do that, so I offered to help,” Michael added. Although they hadn’t met prior to meeting in the publications room, they instantly hit it off, becoming good friends and keeping in touch all throughout the summer. It wasn’t until the fall, however, when they both attended University of Oregon, that sparks began to fly.

“It was kind of a slow progression,” Michael said. “We never dated in high school; then we eventually started dating at U of O. We became friends [at Tigard]; then in college things changed.” They started dating fall 2001as freshmen in college. Eight years later, one fateful day, Mr. Rogers proposed.

“[I knew he was the one because] he is my favorite person to be around, and the person I always want to share everything with,” Jennifer said. “I’ve also always loved his sense of humor.” Throughout the nine years they’ve been married, the couple have both brought out their best in one another and encourage and uplift each other daily. Rogers credited her to making him a better person- from simple everyday things, to life changing ones.

“I think she’s kept me a productive member of society. Without her, I’d probably be living out in the woods, talking to fish and arguing with the trees…” Rogers said. “She’s also helped me recognize that your shoes and belt should always match.”

Along with keeping him a contributing member of society, Rogers also credited Jennifer with helping him endure everything that parenthood has to offer.

“She’s an amazing mom to our daughter.  Our daughter, and the son we’re expecting in April, are very lucky to have her – as am I.”

Throughout their nearly two-decade-long relationship, it’s apparent that both have always deeply cared about each other and have expressed their love for each other through many ways. Through their relationship, many THS students can model and take note this Valentine’s Day.

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