The many jobs of Brenda Anderton


Ella Cowley

Brenda Anderton works in the Student Services Office.

By Ella Cowley and Jaylun Davis

You may know her as the friendly face in the Student Services office, but she is so much more. She worked in the business world for years before making her transition to schools, first as a lunch lady before taking her job at Tigard.


Q: How was  being a lunch lady at an elementary school?

A: Horrible. It was the hardest job I’ve ever had.


Q: What’s the difference between working in an elementary school and a high school?

A: I can be more straightforward with the high school kids, and they’re young adults, and I love that.


Q: Are there any other schools you’ve worked at?(Other than Tigard High and Charles F. Tigard?)

A: I worked at Byrom Elementary.     


Q: What do you do when you aren’t at school?

A: I Garden, play the piano, get together with friends. And cooking’s fun; you just have to be patient. It’s science and that’s what I love about it.


Q: Where did you go to high school?.

A: Beaverton High School


Q: When and why did you start working in schools?

A: When was eight years ago, and why was because I love kids.


Q: What’s one random fact about yourself?

A: I worked in the business world for 25 years. I worked for a company called Marsh They’re a huge international company.


Q: Why did you leave the business world and why influenced you to pursue working at schools?

A: I decided I was done with business and that I just wanted to work in schools.