Dancing their hearts out

Tigerettes put in the time to achieve success


Alli Krogh

Tigerettes win the State Championship.

The Tigerettes are one of the most hardworking teams in school and they’re very connected and dedicated to their dancing and teamwork.

With the family-like bond of the Tigerettes this year, the team excelled in their dancing. Senior Claire Cordill has been dancing on the Tigard team for two years and has really felt connected to her teammates. “I wanted to make the most out of dance for my senior year,” Cordill said. “I’ve recently found a better connection with dance, so I would say that this team has helped me fall back in love with dancing.”

The Tigerettes know the importance of having a strong connection with their teammates. “So far this year I feel so close with this team; we are so comfortable around each other and we all laugh when we are around each other,” junior Natalie Morris said. “There’s no better feeling than being close with your teammates and I feel like we all have felt that feeling so far this year.”

This year, the Tigerettes welcomed new coach, alumna Elissa Boudreau, making the team stronger than ever. “I have my own experiences and my own passion from when I was on the team that I bring to the practice and I bring to the team as a coach,” Boudreau said. Even though she only started working with the team this year, she was able to see how they dominated when they put their minds together. “I’ve been really impressed with the skill level that the girls have, and it’s been really awesome to push them outside their comfort zones but also see them really rise to the occasion,” Boudreau said. “I say that the team that we have now is very skilled and very wonderful, beautiful, dancers.”

The dancers had to get used to their new coach, but they benefited from the new skills Boudreau taught them. “We got a new coach this year so last year’s team members and new team members have had to learn some new styles of dance, and I feel like we are still getting used to that,” Morris said. “But, I also feel that if we really push ourselves, like we eventually do every year, we will be able to improve as a team to reach our goals”.

“I think we have a really powerful and highly skilled team and I think that you know I expect a lot of greatness out of this team,” Boudreau said. “I think that they can really rise to the occasion, and I think that they’ve already showed that in the competition they’ve already competed in.”