We believe that we have won

By Maddie Hagood and Mackenzie Hotchkiss, Staff Writers

CJ Hilgaertner
Tigard students showing their “Tiger Pride” at the beach themed football game

On Friday, Sept. 15 at 7 p.m. Tigard held a home football game against the Lake Oswego Lakers that showed Tigard’s school spirit and how our students are proud to be Tigers.

Tigard’s first home game was an exciting event. The cheerleaders animated the crowd with cheers like “Red Hot,” “I Believe,” and “Color Shout.” “I really like Red Hot,”  senior varsity cheerleader Katrina Yang said. “It’s very classic, but it excites the audience really well.” And the pep band played with all of their might. “I like playing in the band because we get to play fun songs,” sophomore Thomas Poff-Turner said. The pep band played “Eye of the Tiger,” “Celebration,” and, of course, the “Tigard High Fight Song.” By the end of the game, almost all of the band members were exhausted. The thought of jumping up and down while shouting song lyrics made them even more tired and not want to go to the dance. “I’m already tired so I don’t wanna go,” sophomore Ian Harrington said.

The Tigard team ended up winning in the last 30 seconds by three points with a final score of 31-28. The score went back and forth with Lake Oswego at only 10 points in the first quarter and Tigard at 14. During the second quarter, Lake Oswego’s score stayed the same but Tigard scored seven more points making the score 21-10. By the end of the fourth quarter, everyone in the crowd was on the edge of their seats. The score at the beginning of the quarter was 28-24 with Tigard falling behind. Tigard ended up pulling it off though, with a final touchdown. The Tigard team was ecstatic and proud of all their hard work. “My favorite part of being on the football team is when all of the hard work everyone has done over the summer pays off,” sophomore varsity football player Hunter Gilbert said.  

Everybody enjoyed the school spirit being shown and students liked going to games because of how fun and interesting they always are. “I like coming to the games because it’s fun and I get to see all my friends and yell really loud,” freshman Carolyn Gonzalez said.