Tigers beat Pacers 45-35

By Taylor Wilhoit, Staff Writer


The Tigard Tigers gained another victory tonight, beating the Lakeridge Pacers 45-35. After a close game in the first half, the second was started 24-14, with the Tigers keeping the lead until the end of the game.

Tigard Head Coach Craig Ruecker said, “We got contributions from all facets of our team, I thought our defense played wonderfully against a very talented offensive for Lakeridge.” The Pacers gained two more touchdowns before the end of the game, but Tigard kept their ten point lead. After a rainy game against West Linn last week, the Tigers took a different approach. “The offense, we ran and passed the ball,” said Ruecker. “I thought it was a good night for the Tigers.”

A good night it was. The team is still undefeated, marking this game the 8th win for Tigard.

“We all never gave up,” said senior Challa Tusse. “We all just kept going hard and we just stayed together and kept our game up.” And it showed.

After the game students poured onto the field to greet their peers and celebrate the win. “I love watching the boys play their hearts out. Number one on the field, number one in my heart, ” said junior Carla Patterson after cheering for her team. Bundled up against the cold, many kids shared their love by taking pictures and talking with the players afterwards.

“My favorite part is just supporting the boys,” said junior Doreen Rodriguez.