Super Bowl Sunday spectacular

Super Bowl Sunday spectacular

By Caitlin Britch, Staff Writer

Between the hilarious commercials, outstanding halftime performances, and competitive combat between the teams, Super Bowl Sunday is sure to please.

This year, the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks are batting heads for the title. For the first time in many years, the game will be played outside, instead of in a dome, which makes many fans and players worried what the weather will be like. This years halftime performance will be Bruno Mars.

When students were asked what their favorite part of watching the game is, senior Ian Snyder enjoys how, “the guys always come over and have a great time. [his] favorite part is the 13 buckets of KFC [they] always devour.”

Likewise, senior Zoe Ripplinger claims how “some years [she] goes to watch it with [her] youth group and other times, [she] goes to a sports bar like Big Al’s and watch it there. It’s fun!”

Sometimes, plans come up, like for junior Maddie Mullins; “unfortunately, I have to work during the superbowl this year. But in years past, I always had yummy snacks and hung out with my friends.”

Junior Jordan Paasch always has a great time with his family: “Every year for super bowl, we have everyone come over to my house and we have a big barbeque and we have beer dogs, burgers, and chips. We celebrate and enjoy the time we have together because our family doesn’t come together much, but the super bowl is one of the times that we do.”