All-League players represent Tigard

All-League players represent Tigard

By Sydney White, Staff Writer

To make the team, and actually play is one thing, but being awarded an all league player, is just what most athletes strive for. They work their hardest and put in all they have and some of whom are lucky enough to be at the top of their game.

Football, soccer and volleyball teams awarded their all league players for 2013. The title of all league players are given to the few top players on their team. From each team, the 1st team title is awarded to the player with the highest scores overall and 2nd team awarded the the player with the  second highest scores. Overall, there will be about one to two players per title from each school. The coaches of the teams picked the top players and a meeting was held where all the coaches in the pacific conference chose the top athletes from each school.

“[Being an all league player] is an honor, it’s nice to be recognized,” stated senior Erin Graham. Erin was awarded 1st team this year, her third year on the Varsity soccer team.


Tigard’s fall teams worked hard this season to make it where they got. From the volleyball team, Lindsey Rosette, Michelle Simmons, Kaylie Boschma, Cassie Erickson and Jenna Horton were all titled all-league players. From football, Nick Duron, Jacob Mullen, Joe Lobbato, Kevin Henderson, Ryan Cleveland, Jake Biglow, AJ Hotchkins, Cameron Yarnell, Manu Rasmussen, Daren Rodrigues, Bruin Campbell, Sam Inos, Jett Even, Brady McGetrick, Nathan Wick, Conner Crist, Alex Anohkin, and Janak Ward were also all awarded all-league players. The all league players for girls soccer are Emilee Cincotta, Erin Graham, Madison Bickel, Sarah Schaffer and Kyla Smart. Sean McManamon, Janier Sanchez-Figuera, Charles Petitjean and Joseph Lea were awarded all league players for the boys soccer team.


Effort is what carries the team to where it wants to go, but also, it’s the individual players who make up the teams. The all league player title is to recognize and award the athletes who put everything into the game and got what they put in.

“It’s extremely humbling to be given such an award and I definitely couldn’t have done it without my amazing team,” said Rosette. “It’s something that I always hoped would happen ever since I was younger!”