Sophomores claim Powderpuff victory

Sophomores claim Powderpuff victory

By Rebecca Ramirez, Staff Writer

Fans filled the stands and cheered for the players as male cheerleaders did cartwheels and shouted towards the field. However, this wasn’t an ordinary football game, it was an all girls Powderpuff game.

The freshman “Taxi Drivers,” sophomore “Entertainers,” junior “Hipsters,” and senior “Divas” played four rounds of flag football against each other. The first game pitted sophomores, coached by Steve Naylor, against seniors, coached by Steven Fulton. The underclassmen claimed victory with a score of 6-0.

“I don’t think the seniors were prepared for the game against the sophomores,” said senior Remi Harrison. “We went in thinking that we were going to win.”

The second game was between the freshman, coached by Michael Savage, and the juniors, coached by Francis Caro. As the juniors made their debut of the night, yells from fans grew louder and louder. The Hipsters won with a score of 19-0.

“We played awesome against the freshman,” said junior Allison Wurscher, who scored a touchdown for the juniors in the first game. “Our defense was super strong.”

These first two games determined who would face each other next; the losers played each other and same went for the winners.

The seniors redeemed themselves in the second game of the night versus the freshman, which they won with a score of 21-0.

“Our second game against the freshman was really good,” said Harrison.

The final game of the night would show the overall champion of this year’s Powderpuff games. The juniors went up against the sophomores, resulting in an intense, low-scoring game. Sophomores ending up overpowering the juniors with a score of 9-7.

“We only lost by a mere two points,” said Wurscher, “and that was still the best defense we’ve ever played. We have great team chemistry which is what helps us keep our heads up.”