A game of rivalry


Senior Erika Ely shows spirit in the crowd.

By Megan King, Business Manager

This football season has been without a doubt one of the best seasons Tigard High has seen in awhile. With no games lost, the players have proven their skills and talents on the turf. The game against their rivals, the Timberwolves of Tualatin High School was a game they were determined to win, and they succeeded.

The game began with students from both schools packed into the stands. Tigard fans, decked out in camo gear, and Tualatin fans, in all black, cheered from opposite sides of the field. By the end of the first quarter, the score was a tie of 7-7. Our first touchdown made my junior Zach Floyd.

The next quarter started with a great interception by senior Sean McGetrick and another touchdown by Floyd. This brought the score to 14-7 (Tigard) by halftime.

This game was not only special because of the defeat of our rivals, but also because it marked the 30th year of being a stadium. During halftime our school was given a plaque by Rich Hansen, a great honor to receive. Also, the fans partcipated  a ‘fan freeze’ which pumped up the students for the second half of the game.

The third quarter was an all out Tiger attack with two more touchdowns by McGetrick and senior Niko Freni, bringing the score to 27-7.  Floyd helps the team gain a few more yards by breaking free from a tackle and junior Kaz Greene is able to make another touchdown. The game ends with a score of 35-7 and Tigard has an overall score of 6-0.