Fall brings seasonal flavors to local coffee shops

By Megan Cavanagh, Staff Writer

     The fall season is coming up fast, and so are the seasonal flavors. From Starbucks to the local coffee shop Primo Espresso, on Hall Blvd. next to Plaid Pantry, coffee shops around the city are creating their signature drinks of the season.

     From Primo is an iced pumpkin spice chai. It is the best for the comfy sweater weather and the crisp feeling of the fall air.

     Other fall-inspired drinks are pumpkin cream cold brew, which is pretty self-explanatory, it’s a cold brew with pumpkin cream on the top. Pumpkin latte, a subtle pumpkin flavor to complement the espresso base. Also on their menu, they have good old apple cider. But one can add the pumpkin flavor to any drink. 

     “White chocolate mocha with pumpkin is a favorite of mine,” Primo employee Alexis Clark said. “The drinks are probably here roughly until the winter flavors come in”  

     If someone is looking for a less local, more versatile location, like while out shopping at Spirit Halloween pop-up stores or perusing the pumpkin patch, then Starbucks is the place. They have come out with a brand new flavor, the Apple Crisp frappuccino or macchiato. It has layers of apple and brown sugar mixed together, like a gooey caramel apple harmonized with espresso, hot or cold. 

     From Starbucks, the pumpkin flavor seems to be the most popular. Very few people have tried the apple crisp, could it just be the rumors saying that it tastes like candles?  

     The pumpkin spice flavors are back again this year,  which is a comforting flavor for most. But if you want to try something new and different then they have created a new flavor, apple crisp. Some students think it tastes like burnt spices with a green apple that clashes with the espresso flavor. It leaves a bitter taste in your mouth that is not very enjoyable.

    Senior Maggie Troxell works as a barista at Starbucks. “The iced Apple Crisp Macchiato?” she said. “That thing is nasty. Sorry, Starbucks, but that one was unsuccessful.” 

     Currently, Maggie’s favorite drink from Starbucks is their chai frappuccino with oat milk and pumpkin. She said the flavors complement each other very well.  

     “My favorite item on the Starbucks fall menu is their pumpkin spice frap,” junior Heather Haase explained. 

     “I tried the pumpkin spice frap. I would recommend trying it,” freshman Flint Travis said. That’s two votes for team pumpkin spice frappuccino.

     Since Primo, Starbucks, and all the other coffee shops around Tigard have seasonal flavors in stock, there is a flavor out there for everyone.