What does he/she want in you?

By Brett Higgins, Copy Editor

People are always insecure when it comes to the opposite gender. People never really know what’s on the other sex’s mind, why they do the things they do, or what the other gender wants in a girl/boy. So here are a few personality traits that girls and guys find attractive:

What do guys want in a girl?

“I want a girl who is intelligent, attractive, funny and cool,” said senior David Robson. “Someone I can connect to in a good way; someone that I feel honestly happy with.”

“[I want] a girl who is wild, intelligent, attractive, and knows what she’s doing,” said senior Kevin Li.

“I want her to be classy, down-to-earth, fun, intelligent, have a sense of humor, independent, motivated, nice, caring,” said senior Anthony Quach.

The three reappearing personality traits most desired by these boys are intelligence, a good sense of humor and a “chill” attitude.

Intelligence is an understandable want because it’s hard to hold a meaningful or witty conversation when the other person can’t understand what you are talking about. And honestly,  unless they’re dating them for all the wrong reasons, who really wants to date someone they never talk to?

Boys want a good sense of humor because they want someone they can joke around and have fun with. If you find yourself sitting around with a serious expression all the time, try to smile a little more, it will go a long way. Guys find a girl who laughs at their jokes and can take jokes about themselves desirable, but it’s irresistible when a girl can crack her own jokes and make them laugh as well. But at the same time, don’t giggle stupidly at jokes you don’t get. You will come across as fake or lacking in the brains department.  

A laid back girl is incredibly attractive to boys. It’s because guys see this as a sign that the girl is out there looking for a good time instead of a man-hunt. Boys want a girl they can depend on to kick back and talk to about anything, not someone who will spread rumors, gossip, and cause drama.

What do girls want in a guy?

“I want a guy who respects me,” said senior Alexandra Tissuer. “Someone who likes me for who I am, that doesn’t try to change me and won’t put me last.”

“Someone attractive, smart, and funny,” described senior Breanna Laurente. “Someone who’s funny without trying.”

“I want a guy who is attractive, kind-hearted, laid back, someone who respects me,” said freshman Avery Branen. “I want them to be able to take a joke and not make things awkward when we’re talking.”

Some of the most important aspects of what a girl wants in a boy are: humor, respect and a laid-back attitude.

Ever heard the expression, “Girls just want to have fun”? It’s the truth, girls want a boy they can joke around with and laugh with. If a boy isn’t funny, girls are more likely to find someone else who can make them laugh and overall feel happier. Humor is vital when a girl is feeling down, and if you can make them laugh when they are on the verge of tears, brownie points for you. Lighten up your mood more, use your wit and sarcasm to make girls smile. Just don’t try too hard to make them laugh, because you’ll just come off as a die-hard try-hard.

Everybody deserves respect, girls are no exception. When they feel mistreated, girls will get up and leave for someone who deserves them. Don’t go after a girl just because her chest is practically spilling out of her shirt or because she has the nicest tush you’ve ever seen in the 15-18 years of your life. It’s okay to start talking to her because you think she’s cute, but get to know her for the right reason. AKA her personality.

Girls want a guy who is relaxed so they can talk to someone when their lives are bursting at the seams. Girls don’t want a guy who is uptight and constantly having anxiety attacks. Don’t be that guy; relax, sometimes it’s better just to let things go rather than freak out about every aspect of your life. Don’t overthink the things that happen, and unfortunately, in some cases being laid-back can only be learned through life changing experiences.

Bottom Line

Of course all of these traits aren’t what EVERY girl/guy wants in the opposite gender. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to finding that significant other. The most important thing is to be yourself, don’t be something you’re not. And hey— you might bump into someone who likes you just the way you are.