Is “Facebook hacking” actually mean?

By Lindsay Gill, Staff Writer

We judge people based on what they put on their Facebook more than we judge them for who they are. I think that’s just silly. Our generation has an obsession with social networking.

Since I have an iPhone that can get on Facebook during school, people ask me to use it to check their Facebook on occasion. Well sometimes those people forget to log out, and to me, that’s just asking to be hacked.

And I’m not the kind of person that writes things like, “You just got hacked 🙂 Love you!” I’m not that nice. I try to think of the most embarrassing things. Things people just don’t talk about. And that’s what I make a status about.

They may think I’m mean, or get mad at me because it’s embarrassing, but you know what? I think people should have a sense of humor, and maybe gain some awareness as to where they’re leaving up their precious Facebook page.