A table open for all


Joseph Mitcheltree

Open Table provides an opportunity for students to share their cultures. Senior Kat Xiong introduced the event for the students in attendance.

By Maria Sotelo, Staff Writer

     It didn’t look like Tigard High School. In fact, it didn’t even look like America in the cafeteria after school on Nov. 20. Students strutted across the stage in the colorful outfits of many different cultures and countries during the Open Table fashion show.


     For the past five years, Open Table has been an event that allows students to share a part of their culture through various foods.


     People lined up to receive Olive Garden spaghetti and breadsticks, Chipotle burritos and chips and guac and Sesame Donuts donuts to name a few. Attendee junior Naysin Cortes was one of several that liked the food.


     “My favorite thing for food was definitely the Chipotle burritos; the pasta was also really good,” Cortes said.


     This year, about 100 students came out to not only eat but also take part in a raffle, play Kahoot, and enjoy a mini fashion show. Sophomore Abdirahim Mohamoud was one of the students involved in the fashion show; he dressed in a traditional Arabic thawb.


     “Culture is really important to the school, so I was really looking forward to showing my culture,” Mohamoud said.


     Human resources officer, senior Maya Shaker, organized this years Open Table. “As HR I think it’s really important that we need to recognize all cultures around the school, and I just want to make sure that everybody feels recognized,” Shaker said.


     Several clubs also helped in making the event come together. JSU, BSU, MSA, Pacific Islander, M.E.C.h.A, YALA, French, JHS, were included along with students who just wanted to participate.