Publications teams win Excellence in Media and Best in Show

By James Favot

Tigard High’s publications team won three first-place awards at this year’s Fall Press Day. Fall Press Day is a journalism convention held annually at the University of Oregon and dedicated to the art of high school media. Thirteen of our publications members traveled with adviser Hillary Currier to the university for this exciting all-day event on Oct. 25.

The event included sessions held by various professors and journalists. “They get to talk to other people who are experts in the field of journalism,” Currier said, “so I think it’s a really great experience.” Each speaker covered a specific aspect of publications, from writing strong headlines to asking meaningful questions.

Fall Press Day also held contests for schools all across Oregon to enter samples of their own published work. This year we entered an issue of our newspaper, a copy of our yearbook, the link to our website, and one of our Tigard Today episodes for the judges to inspect. The results were spectacular – Tigard High won first place awards in the Best in Show Website, Best in Show Newscast, and Excellence in Media categories.

Senior Jacob Jones, executive director of Tigard Today, was an attendee at Fall Press Day. Almost two years ago, the publications department took over the weekly announcement duties from leadership and adapted it into what would become Tigard Today. Currently, Tigard Today’s production team consists of 11 members, an increase over the initial seven from last year. “Having that many staff members can be a challenge to balance roles and make sure everyone’s doing something all the time,” Jones said.

The speakers at Fall Press Day emphasized the importance of quick reporting. “It’s news, so it’s constantly developing, so you have to be on your feet all the time, ready to report on something,” Jones said. He and the rest of the newscast team must always be prepared to report on breaking news in the school and post it online.

The production team works hard on each episode of Tigard Today, and the payoff is always rewarding. “I think one of the things I enjoy about it the most is just seeing the finished product after there’s been hours and hours of work put into it,” Jones said. He recommends that every teacher should show it to their students, not just to inform them of current events, but to set an example of teamwork and productivity.

Currier has been impressed watching Jones grow as a leader during his two years at the helm of Tigard Today. “Jacob has devoted so much of himself to publications,” she said. “He is driven to make Tigard Today better with every episode. He is quiet, but his influence is mighty.” Jones and his staff started Tigard Today from scratch, so the opportunity to attend conferences like Fall Press Day is an important way to learn more about newscast.

Fall Press Day was a valuable experience and a strong bonding moment for the entire publications team. “I am really proud of my publications students,” Currier said. “They have been an incredible group to work with, they’re extremely hard-working… and have been like a family with each other.”

If you have ever considered joining one of these classes, the publications team highly encourages you to try it out. Journalism and newscast is a great way to get involved in the community, express your opinions freely, and tell the stories of those who aren’t often recognized otherwise. If you’re interested in telling those stories, then publications is a perfect place for you.