Bill Bradbury talks climate change with Ecology

news brief


By Meghan Turley

Former Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury visited Ms. Holly Paris’ Ecology class this week to give a presentation on the importance of acknowledging climate change. Bradbury has given over 500 presentations after being trained by Al Gore in 2006, but only a few have been in Oregon. 

With 16 out of the 17 hottest years on record having occurred after 2001, oceans observing huge amounts of global heat, and ocean dead zones being created, he believes the message has never been more relevant. Throughout his presentation, he emphasized the importance of climate change in today’s world.

“We’re faced with a climate crisis,” Bradbury said. “Mother Nature is clearly trying to tell us something.”  

Holly Paris takes a similar stance on climate change as Bradbury.

“Obviously climate change is a hot topic right now,” Paris said. “It’ important politically, scientifically and economically. It’s backed by science… and needs to be talked about so that future generations know their impact.”