Tigard Tigers at work

By Desirae Lewis, Student writer

Lots of THS students are taking on the responsibility of having a part time job.

Once they have turned 16 years old, there are countless places that students could apply. As of October 2014, youth enrolled in high school had an employment rate of 18 percent according the Child Trends Databank.

Senior Hannah Flynn has been working at See’s Candy for seven months. “Having a job in high school can be challenging but it comes with lots of benefits,” said Flynn. The most common challenge found among high schoolers with jobs is finding a balance between work, school, sports and friends.

Junior Natalea Eliuk said, “ I don’t find it too difficult to manage school and work, but when it comes to having a social life, I miss out on a lot of fun things.” Eliuk has been working at Auntie Anne’s pretzels for almost a year.

Motivations for students to get a job vary, “It’s a great way to earn your own money and it gets you out of the house,” Flynn said.

As young adults it’s important to take on new responsibilities and getting a job is a big one. “A lot of doors open for you once you get your first job,” said Junior Daryl Eddy. Eddy has been working at Burgerville for over a year. The likelihood of getting hired at other places with previous work experience is much greater.

Eliuk has had nothing but good experiences that have come along with her job. “After a couple months of working and a strict saving budget, I was able to buy my own car,” said Eliuk. A car has given her a lot of freedom, and she has proven to herself that if she works hard she can accomplish anything. Her parents trust her with bigger responsibilities, and they are treating her as the young adult that she is becoming.

“My advice to anyone applying for a job is to make sure you are clear about the hours you want to work, and be cautious about how many hours you want to take on because coming to school after a late night shift is not fun,” Flynn said.

Freedom is valued greatly for almost every high school student, and having a job comes with a lot of it. “I definitely think everyone in high school should consider getting a job. It’s such a great experience, I’ve met so many new people and having money in the bank is never a bad thing,” Eliuk said.