How Donald Trump is seen through Tigard High students’ eyes

By Jalane Hailu, Student writer

Donald John Trump is currently the frontrunner for the Republican Party nomination for President. Clearly he has many fans, but the reaction of two student leaders at Tigard is negative. Many believe that his unapologetic attitude will cost him the election. He has called women he dislikes unattractive inside and out, bimbos, fat, pigs, dogs, and other offensive slurs to describe them.

“I disagree with his constant objectification of women and how he tells them to exploit their bodies in order to gain positions. All that said, he’s a nice break from all the dancing around many politicians do. I just wish he’d spend his words in policy or specifics,” said senior Jonathan Irving.

Most people believe that Donald Trump’s campaign is a joke and that his efforts to “make America great again” aren’t accurate.  “I would’ve hoped that the politicians of this country would have been more mature than to compare their penis size in front of the audience but I guess not. I started following politics more closely, but I’m a little disappointed as to where that search led. I can’t seem to find any policy that he stays consistent on. He seems to change his beliefs on just about everything,” said Irving

Donald Trump has affected many people on so many different levels in many different ways. “I’d say that his campaign hasn’t really done much to me personally aside from make me really concerned for the future of the country; however, it’s affecting me in the way that it’s reinforcing my need to try and fix the American political system if I can because I don’t think that anyone with such a single-minded, narrow perspective of how the world works is in any way fit to lead in any capacity,” said senior Adam Stack.

Students at Tigard High School should be able to have a voice in political situations because most adults don’t believe that students can’t have an opinion on politics.

“I do think that it’s possible that he’d be a better option than Ted Cruz, but that doesn’t really mean anything. Overall I think our country is largely full of idiots and there’s not much we can do to silence them without sacrificing our freedoms. Even if Trump becomes President the voice of the people will still prevail, generally speaking the intellectuals will always run a society so I’m not sure how much damage he’d be able to do, but I don’t want to find out,”  said Stack.

Having Trump as a President could go in many different directions, but either way I don’t think much could change in a four year term.

“I generally disagree with just about everything he says, I don’t think that Trump really knows what he’s talking about most of the time, especially when it comes to women and social issues, he fails to realize that government and business are inherently different, and while economically I tend to lean conservative I’m definitely liberal overall, there’s not much he could do for the economy, and what little he could do is immediately made worthless by his amount of hateful rhetoric and general lack of intelligent thought,” said Stack.

Do Irving and Stack echo the feeling of the student body? In a very informal, non-scientific lunch period poll, Tigard students generally that Trump isn’t qualified for the power that comes with presidency Of 48 students asked if they would vote for Donald Trump one said yes two said maybe and 45 said no.