Annual Ashland trip

By Taylor Wilhoit, Staff Writer

For some students the two days off for parent teacher conference meant sleeping in and relaxing all weekend, but for some students it was a weekend they would never forget. Twenty students went down to Ashland, Oregon for the Shakespeare festival. It wasn’t sponsored, but senior Jessica Carter, organized the trip for Tigard students to go together. The festival itself  runs March through October, and has been running since 1931.

“I wanted to do the Ashland trip because I thoroughly enjoyed it my junior year and I wanted to give other people the opportunity to go as well, and I wanted to get an experience to do something like this as well,” Carter said about her organizing the trip. After a five hour drive, the crew saw the Shakespearean classic “Pericles” on Wednesday night. The new theatre had projections, lighting, and a stage that created the surreal atmosphere of a long journey of one great man. With great costumes, great acting, and a great story, the voyage of “Pericles” came to life in the Thomas Theatre.

On Thursday they saw “Guys and Dolls”. The musical, which involves a mission doll, a crap game, and a very bad cold, had been put on by the Tigard Theatre Department the previous year. The last show was “Dames At Sea”. The female main character gets off a train with the dream of becoming a star on Broadway, meets a boy, falls in love, becomes the star of the show, saves the said show from certain disaster, almost doesn’t do the show due to the boy being a jerk to her and stage fright, then the boy sings her a love song and she dances her heart out and then they get married. All in a day’s work. Featuring musical talent and lots of tap dancing, “Dames At Sea” was performed at the Cabrera, where the opportunity to eat and watch the show made it much more personal.

The last day featured a backstage tour of one of the theatres. After a long weekend full of fun, shows, and shopping, the crew all headed back to Tigard, and back to reality.