Ebola survivor sues hospital

By Sydney White, Staff Writer

 Nina Pham, a 26 year old nurse, personally faced an unimaginable epidemic that troubled the thoughts of millions of civilians across the world. Pham overcame Ebola’s possibly fatal threats and fought against the hospitals lack of preparation along with her lack of privacy during her illness. However, there are two sides to the story.

At Texas Health Presbyterian, Pham was one of the few nurses caring for Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person to suffer from Ebola on American soil. Pham made the decision to sue the hospital; she claimed that though she has recovered, she continually faces both emotional and physical impairments such as lethargy, liver problems, and more. The nurse claimed that the hospital ignored warnings of the potential threat the disease could have to the hospital, resulting in a lack of preparation when the case reached the hospital. The company testified that they did in fact take out precautions directed by the Centers for Disease Control, CDC. Another factor troubling Pham was a video of her in her hospital bed while infected with the illness; the video was released by the Texas Health Resources, T.H.R. Once again, the victim claimed that her permission was not given and that her privacy was violated. On the other hand, T.H.R. claimed in court that the patient granted permission to record and publicize the video.

“I hope that people understand that this illness and this whole experience has been very stressful and challenging for me and for my family,” said Pham. “Although I no longer have Ebola, I know that it may be a while before I have my strength back.”

Regardless of the final verdict, the experience will have lasting effects on Pham’s life, both physically and mentally.