We CAN make a difference!

By Elisabeth White, Staff Writer

This week, there is a canned food drive taking place at Tigard High School.  Up until Friday, students can bring canned food to put in the big bins outside of the activities room.  Tigard High does a canned food drive every year around the holidays to benefit families in the the area who don’t get food over Thanksgiving or Christmas.

The food drive is looking for canned fruits and vegetables, canned soups, canned stocks and broths. All foods are desired but they should be non-perishable.

At Friday’s home football game,  students can bring cans in exchange for a raffle ticket. For every can you bring in, your chances for winning some awesome prizes will increase since each can is worth one ticket.

 If every student at T.H.S. donates just one can, that would be approximately 2,000 cans of foods. In the United States, one out of every six people are starving and you, as a Tigard High School student, could really make a difference in someones holiday season.