Another chance to dance

By Maddie Fiorante, Staff Writer

Homecoming this year has come and gone. Photos are posted to social media sites, manicures are chipping off, high heels are put away, and dresses are hanging lonely in the back of closets. However, instead of never wearing the memory-filled apparel again, a constructive opportunity is offered at Tigard High School.

The reception office accepts donated dresses, shoes, or jewelry for upcoming dances (winter formal/prom) in order to provide dance-ready outfits for those looking to save money. No requirements or fees are necessary, it is only suggested that any items donated are clean and ready to wear.

Pam Engel, volunteer and committee head for ‘Diva Day’, told The Oregonian, “Our hope is that the girls come and see the dresses, try them on and find one they feel pretty in.”

As event dates approach, ‘Diva Day’ is set up at THS. for anyone to come and try on dresses in hopes of finding the perfect one to take home. This occasion provides girls the chance to create more precious closet space, and help out frugal Tigard High party-goers!