Oregon “mega storm” is the remnants of typhoon from Japan

Oregon mega storm is the remnants of typhoon from Japan

By Tate Watson, Staff Writer

Sunday night the remnants of a typhoon from Japan came through the Pacific Northwest blowing down trees, flooding sewers, and even interrupting the finale of Breaking Bad for some viewers. The storm helped create the highest September rainfall records in Oregon history and left many in the Portland area without power.

The storm that hit Tigard was the last fallout of the western pacific typhoon Pabuk that almost hit Japan last week. The typhoon just brushed the country but only gained momentum as it traveled across the Pacific Ocean and prepared to hit the Pacific Northwest. Tigard stayed relatively dry compared to those in other areas. The Oregon Coast was especially hard hit with winds 45 to 50 m.p.h. and more than an inch of rain per one day.

Closer to home, the city of Sherwood dealt with downed power lines, causing 8,000 residents to be without power this weekend. Multiple tree limbs and debris in the road made driving unsafe as well all throughout the region. According to Portland’s Road Hazards Hotline, 30 to 40 reports of downed trees were called in on Sunday.

In Tigard the storm merely created a massive wind and rain storm all day Sunday, Sept. 29 with the last remains coming in bursts on Monday and Tuesday. The rain was so heavy that the city of Tigard shut down all grass fields; affecting soccer and rec football league games over the weekend.

However, the worst of the storm has passed and Oregonians can expect the light Oregon “drizzle” they’re used to. In the weeks to come don’t stow away those rain boots and umbrellas back, the Oregon rain is here to stay.