Lulu app encourages women to objectify men

Lulu app encourages women to objectify men

By Amanda Lam, Staff Writer

During the month of April, the smart phone app, Lulu gained popularity at Tigard High School. Words of the new app appeared on Facebook and Twitter feeds, concerning many students. Lulu is an app where girls can write reviews and rate guys. The Lulu website claims that the app is meant to be a place for recommending guys to other women, and doing so in a lighthearted manner, not a cruel one.

“People started making a big deal out of it,”  said senior Jamison Shields, “I just think that the hashtags are funny. If a girl looks at it and actually takes it seriously it’s kind of a joke.”

Lulu has sparked controversies, mostly because the app can only be used by women. Once Lulu is downloaded on a smart phone it is then connected to a Facebook account in order for the profile of all the male friends to be visible. Guys are rated on appearance, humor, level of commitment, and all of their best and worst qualities.

“I think that Lulu is dumb and guys really shouldn’t take it too seriously,” said sophomore Jamie Holter. “It’s a bad idea because when a guys gets a low rating they feel self conscious but when they get a high rating they’re cocky.”

Many girls at Tigard High have voiced their concern about the possibility of an Lulu app made for guys to rate girls. As of now, there is a LuLu Dude app, but it is an app made for guys to update their profiles and to get tips on how to improve themselves.

“I think it’s funny that I got a 6.5,” said Shields. “ I mean, what is that supposed to mean in accordance to who I am?”