Cuts and class size change for next year

Cuts and class size change for next year

By Lizzie Slate, Staff Writer

For the 2013-14 school year at Tigard there will be about four and a half cuts on both core and elective classes. The cuts are decided based on what classes the students choose to take and the classes with the lowest number of forecasts are cut.

“We try to keep as many classes as possible, especially core classes,” said THS principal Mark Neffendorf, “but some core classes are impossible to keep due to forecasting.”

Some of the cuts are out of departments and full time employees which are spread out among some electives and core classes.

“It’s really sad because the cuts create a tough learning environment for both students and teachers,” said Neffendorf.

The cuts affect teachers’ ability to pay a lot of attention on each student; making it difficult to build relationships for the learning environment.

“The biggest impact the cuts will have will be on the class sizes, which will go up some but won’t be a crazy jump,” stated Neffendorf.

Neffendorf has not seen a significant number of cuts like this since before he started working for Tigard.

“I wish Oregon would learn how to fund the education,” said Neffendorf.

Next year’s cuts and class sizes will affect the academic program, but will not be too overwhelming for the students of THS.