Tigard High School Students Search For A Club

By Lauren Schrader, writer

Hundreds of Tigard High School students bustle throughout the school commons and main gym on Sept. 19 in hopes of finding a club they could soon belong to.

“I would want to join a club because not only am I interested in the type of club but its also a good way to be involved and make new friends,” said sophomore Kylie Jess.

With over 20 clubs, there is a wide variety that ensures students are able to find something that not only interests them, but something they can connect with. It can help broaden the student’s interests as well as their skills.

“Club rush is a great opportunity for all the students to find a club and a connection here at Tigard High School,” said Mindy Yarnell, leadership coordinator.

Through the clubs that are offered, students have the chance to participate in activities outside of just school academics.  Among the options are National Honor Society, Gay-Straight Alliance, and Speech and Debate.