Dust causes fire scare in gym

By Carlie Jones-Hershinow, Guest Writer

At 7:46 this morning, a fire alarm went off. Students filed out into the cold and waited for the okay to go back in. Most were back in their classrooms by 7:55. Then, 15 minutes later, the alarms went off again.

The cause of the fire alarms going off this morning was a dirty alarm is the P.E. area.  So, dust, basically.  There wasn’t a fire, no bombs were found, no stupid kid pulling the alarm for a laugh, just dust.

“I think they are annoying, and I get cold,” said junior Emily Pfieffer.

Most complained of the same thing, while some rejoiced for the small amount of time taken out of class.  If it wasn’t 37 degrees outside, it might be a blessing in disguise.  But the fact is that we were all standing outside freezing our fannies off, huddling for warmth.  Maybe we should clean up the gym so this stops happening.