Heart Attack Grill suffers a heart attack

By Carlie Jones-Hershinow, Guest Writer

A case of dine and dash wouldn’t seem like a big deal, especially in one of the most popular fast food places in Las Vegas, right? But the reason that this man was unable to pay for his food came from the fact that he was having a heart attack,and had to be taken away in an ambulance after eating the acclaimed “triple bypass” burger. Where was he taken away from? Ironically enough, the Heart Attack Grill.

It was founded in 2005 by Jon Basso, who came to Vegas to make money. He said, “plenty of restaurants serve unhealthy food” (CBS), and that he’s just honest about it. Oh, how honest he is. The menu boasts quite possibly the most unhealthy food on the strip, with their pride and joy being the series of “bypass burgers”. There is the single, double, triple, and the quadruple bypass burger. The triple bypass burger consists of three half-pound patties, almost an entire tomato, and 6,000 calories of lard-slathered deliciousness. If you finish either the triple or quadruple burger, you get the privilege of being taken to your car in a wheelchair by one of the restaurants waitresses.

The entire place is hospital themed, starting when you walk in. Your order is placed on a wristband like in the emergency room, while a doctor uses a stethoscope to examine the “patients”. The waitresses are all nurses, dressed in Hooter’s style garb. They help in the “weigh in”, where a customer can step up on the scale and prove that they weigh enough to get their food free. That’s right America, this place is rewarding the obese by giving them free food. If you can tip the scale at over 350 pounds, you get to eat your meal for free.

That was what a man was doing last week when he had a heart attack. Bystanders thought it was a joke or an act, and many pulled out their cell phones to take a video. People were laughing and clapping; no one knew he was serious until the ambulance arrived. One of the “nurses” saw what was going on and called 9-11, knowing that it wasn’t just an act. Most restaurants would take this kind of publicity like a gun-shot wound, but Basso doesn’t see it like that, he sees it as something that will bring more attention to the Heart Attack Grill.