‘Cirque du Tigre’ a success

By Sophie Peterson, Staff Writer

This year’s Homecoming, Cirque du Tigre (circus themed), was held in the cafeteria last night at 8-11 p.m.. The cafeteria was decorated in accordance to the Circus theme, with little glowing lights sprawled on the ceiling and banners hanging from the entryways. In the back corner, a tent for taking photos was decorated with shimmery curtains and lots of props for goofy, Circus-themed photos.

The music was a collection of the most popular songs, along with classics like the Cha-Cha Slide, and of course “Baby” by Justin Bieber. The DJ slowed things down a bit for all the couples out there, and for the Homecoming court to have their dance.

Although the attire varied, most people followed what is ‘in’ this season for formal wear. There were a lot of strapless dresses with sweetheart necklines, one-shoulder pieces, and the classic “little black dress”. Tulle, silk, and strapless was the name of the game this Homecoming season for the ladies. Guys also showed off their fashion skills last night, most wearing nice slacks, dress shoes or Vans/Nikes and a simple button-up with a tie.

Cirque du Tigre was definitely a success last night, and many can’t wait for what the next THS dance has to offer.