TTSD school board in hopes to introduce online learning next semester

By Amanda Lam, Staff Writer

The main focus at the Tigard-Tualatin School district board meeting on Monday Oct. 10 was on a pilot online learning program. This was brought up by the district’s director of alternative learning, Karen Twain, who is pushing for the pilot to take place next semester.

The members on the board quickly questioned the cost of the program. For this program to be successful it needs space and equipment, along with a full time teacher who is qualified to teach in all subjects. Board Chair Maureen Wolf estimated that 28 full time students would offset the cost of the program, if each student brought in $6,000. However the district is unsure about how many students will choose this program.

Although Superintendent Rob Saxton supports online education, he hopes to avoid using money from general funds. He also wishes to start this program in either January or February, to perfect it over the summer and introduce it in the Fall.