Child Development

Kaitlyn Wornath

Child development gives students a chance to work hands on with children as well as learn in the classroom. It teaches the skills of; how to talk to children, different age milestones, safety, and much more.


“It’s very hands on. You get to build a relationship with the kid by being their buddy and make an impact [in their lives],” Child development teacher Robert Wegner said.


The course is half lab (preschool) and half in the classroom. Students plan and present lessons for the preschool as well, giving the kids activity plans for math, reading, art, science and movement.


“Child development is important because it gives you an understanding of how children learn and grow. Even if you don’t have kids, it may inspire you to eventually work with them,” Wegner said.  


If you are interesting in working with children and learning more about the way they think and learn, this is a rewarding class that will prepare you for working with kids in the future. [Open to grades 11 and 12.]

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