Bowman eyes House District 25

School Board Chair Ben Bowman kicks off his campaign for House District 25 on Jan. 30 over Zoom


Courtesy of Ben Bowman

Ben Bowman kicks off his campaign for House District 25 on Jan. 30. The Zoom party will be emceed by alumnus Abdi Mohamoud.

By Molly Fast, Staff Writer

     As 2022 rolls in, politicians from across Oregon are preparing their campaigns to run for state legislature, including a local Tigard resident and school board member, Ben Bowman.  

      In the past, Bowman worked for State Representative Margaret Doherty and now works as a part of the Oregon Department of Education and chair of the Tigard-Tualatin School Board. 

    Within the Tigard-Tualatin school district, Bowman has helped pass many new policies over the past three years to create more equitable and safe schools.

     “One of my favorites is eliminating “pay-to-play” fees for all sports,” Bowman said. “Creating an Extracurricular Equity Fund [helps] to make clubs, the arts, and music more accessible and affordable for all students.”

    Since Bowman has been on the board, Tigard-Tualatin has seen some of its highest graduation rates ever, even amongst the challenges of COVID-19. Other policies that have been passed consist of making menstrual hygiene products free in restrooms, educational equity and racial justice policy that assures the right to education no matter the circumstance, and writing a hate speech policy designed by student leaders to help make schools safer and more welcoming. 

     At the beginning of the pandemic, Bowman also co-founded Packed with Pride, a program to help provide food for families in need locally around Tigard and Tualatin. Through Packed with Pride over 55,000 boxes have been given to families to help them not worry about where they are going to get their food from. 

     Bowman hopes to take his successes to the state level and kick off his campaign for House District 25 to represent Tigard in the Oregon State Legislature.  

     Bowman describes this election as a transformational moment in Oregon history.

     “We will have a new governor, new House leaders, and new Senate leaders—all while we continue to navigate the pandemic,” Bowman said. 

      As Oregon is a politically divided state, Bowman wants to re-establish a unified identity as Oregonians. His goals include helping to build a world-class education system in Oregon schools and creating economic opportunities to help people afford safe housing and quality health care. 

      Aside from work, Bowman has been a member of the community his whole life. Bowman grew up attending TTSD schools and graduated from Tualatin High School. He currently lives with his partner, Juan, in Tigard. They both enjoy volunteering in the community and taking their dog, Oso, on walks. Bowman also has a podcast about politics in Oregon called “The Oregon Bridge”.

     To launch his campaign, Bowman is throwing a virtual kickoff party over Zoom on Jan. 30.

     “Tigard Mayor Jason Snider, Tigard State Rep. Dacia Grayber, and former Governor John Kitzhaber will all speak about why this race is so important. Plus, it will be emceed by THS alum Abdi Mohamoud,” Bowman shared. “I am really excited for my official campaign kickoff Zoom and I hope students will join if they’re interested.”