Getting to know your teachers

Q & As with Abell, Wahl, DeHaan, and Williams.


Q: Who is your role model?

A: Brad Pigstaff, my High school science teacher.


Q: What about your role model Inspires you?

A: Brad was a good teacher and he walked the walk and talked the talk, he was also a super invested coach which is something I look up to.


Q:When did you decide you wanted to be a teacher?

A: When I asked my PE teacher how much she made and she said that she made the same amount as the rest of the teachers.


Q: Where in your life outside of school do you think you use your skills as a teacher the most?

A: In coaching, and I have no life outside of school and coaching.


Q: Why would anyone want to be a high school teacher?

A: High Schoolers are pretty cool. They’re old enough that you can have a real conversation with them but they’re still not bitter and negative like a person in their 40’s or 60’s. They still have dreams to work towards.


Q: How would you say being at teacher at THS has impacted you in your personal life?

A: It’s the 1st place I’ve worked that everyday or almost everyday that I’m excited to come to work.



Q: Where were you born?

A: I was born in Oregon.


Q: When did you graduate from high school?

A: I graduated in 2008.


Q: Why did you want to become a teacher?

A: When I was in school I had really good teachers and they helped me develop a love for learning and I really enjoy working with youth.


Q: Do you enjoy teaching chemistry at Tigard?

A: Yes it is very fun interacting with students and teaching my favorite subject.


Q: How do you like your first year at Tigard?

A: I like it a lot it’s my dream job being able to teach chemistry and the students and staff members are very welcoming.


Q: Where did you go to college?

A: I went to University of Oregon, it really is a fantastic school and there are a lot of great things to do there.



Q: Why did you want to start teaching?

A: Both of Ms. DeHaan’s parents were teachers and she loved school when she was a kid.  She also had teachers that made a positive influence on her and she wanted to do the same for kids.  She hopes she has a positive influence on kids now.


Q: When did you first know you wanted to teach?

A: Ever since she was a little.


Q: Where and what was your first teaching job?

A: Ms. DeHaan’s first teaching job was at Tigard as a student teacher and it was for freshman pe.


Q: How many years have you been teaching?

A: 11 years.


Q: What classes have you taught and what grades?

A: She has taught pe 1, body dynamics, girls weights, and lifetime activities and has taught grades nine through twelve.


Q: Did you play any sports in high school?  If so, what were they?

A: Ms. DeHaan played soccer, softball, and basketball in high school and basketball was her favorite.


Q: Did you play in college?  If so, where?

A: She played basketball for Trinity Western University in Canada.



Q: How long have you been speaking French?

A: 34 years.


Q: Have you always wanted to be a french teacher? Why did you become one?

A: No, I taught french in grad school to help pay, and realized I enjoyed teaching the class more than my studies.


Q: What’s your favorite unit to teach?

A: There’s a French 3 unit on childhood talking, and there are pictures from childhood and it’s so fun.


Q: What do you like to do in your free-time?

A: Dance, read, and travel when not in school.


Q: Are you more of a dog or cat person?

A: Dog.


Q: What’s your favorite color?

A: I kind of like them all but I like blue, red, purple, and green.


Q: Do you need coffee in the morning?