Future of T.H.S.

By Avonlea Raschdorf and Grace Ariniello

We all were like them,we all know them, and as upperclassmen we overlook them. Yes, they’re the lowly freshman, but this year the the attitude towards freshman is different.

Under the guidance leadership’s Link Crew, Tigard began to work on making sure freshman feel involved. Principal Mr. Andrew Van Fleet is enthusiastic about the change, “I feel this freshman class will grow really well here, and that Tigard will help shape them into the individuals that they are,” said Mr. Van Fleet. “I love this freshman class.”

Freshman Kenneth Huynh is really enjoying school so far. “It’s far more different from middle school,” said Huynh. He is currently involved in Key Club. “I really enjoy Key Club, it’s been a great way for me to be involved. It’s also really fun!,” added Huynh.

Freshman Campbell Gray is also having a positive experience. Being apart of leadership has really benefited her. “Currently being in leadership as freshman class president has been a good learning experience,” said Gray. “Aside from leadership overall there is really good classes here, and all the teachers I’ve had so far have been wonderful. Nothing but good things.”

Freshman Tanner Pollock was more excited about the environment at Tigard High School. “The freedom here is really nice. You feel more adult and the upperclassmen have been really helpful,” said Pollock.

Freshman tend to be overlooked. So next time you see them realize that they are soon to be the graduating class. With the help of Link Crew the transition to high school seems to have been a positive experience. Let’s start to appreciate what they do, because this isn’t middle school.

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