Fall play “Dearly Departed”

By Taylor Wilhoit, Staff Writer

If you think your family is dysfunctional, try planning a funeral in the heart of the south with the Turner family, where “white trash” meets “big personality”. With colorful characters including a pious lady, her demonic son, and a beauty queen stuck in the past, the funeral plans take twists and turns as new problems arise.

“Being in any play allows you a few hours to escape yourself and step into a completely different person, with different problems, different weaknesses, and different strengths,” says junior Sam Campbell. “Playing Junior in ‘Dearly Departed’ allowed me to see things from a different perspective and let go of a lot of the stress I carry.”

Campbell stepped up to play Junior, a married man who was discovered cheating on his wife while trying to convince his brother to sponsor his new invention. At the same time, his cousin, Royce, has to deal with his pious mother, who is convinced that he is the “devil incarnate”. And newly widowed Raynelle must oversee this all.

While most people come and enjoy the show, a lot of time and hard work goes into the behind the scenes work.

“My favorite part about being on tech for the play was being able to still be involved with the show without the time commitment that is required for the cast,” says sophomore Camryn Flint. “I love being able to let the whole story on stage come alive.

From costumes to characters, each person worked hard to bring this production of ‘Dearly Departed’ alive.