Sweet or spooky?

By Sydney White, Staff Writer

Walking from one room to another, children dressed as their favorite animal or disney character came to the themed rooms put together by Tigard High clubs.

Tonight, the 2014 halloween rooms were a hit with little kids and their families. Children came dressed in their costumes for a night of fun, receiving candy and enjoying the different themed rooms and activities.

“The [halloween rooms] were really creative this year and the kids were super cute,” said senior Sasha Hershey.

Clubs who took part this evening chose a theme for their room such as Frozen, Dora, and and others of that sort, while some clubs decided to chose a theme different from the majority. Some took a step away from a children’s show or movie, and decided to make a spooky room for those who wanted a scare. They then hosted an activity or gave out candy in their designated room for kids who stopped by. Room themes ranged from silly and sweet for the younger kids, too spooky for those who were up for a scare.

“I think this year has been really good,” said junior Taylor Herrera, “ we got a lot of people to come, the kids had really cute costumes, and all the rooms were really creative.”

Halloween rooms is a tradition that is family friendly and very safe for everyone who joined in on the fun. Not only did the children have a great time dressing up and trick-or-treating safely, but the club members who participated got to have some fun also.