A new way to top off your Thanksgiving meal

By Elisabeth White, Staff Writer


Thanksgiving is a holiday that is all about the food, but what about dessert? Most people have pumpkin pie, but that is just a basic Thanksgiving dessert. These are some Thanksgiving desserts to spice up your Thanksgiving meal.

If it is hard to part with pumpkin pie, but you want to make your Thanksgiving feast unique, then make your pumpkin pie unique. There are many options for this. You could make a pumpkin cream pie. All you have to do is add extra milk to the pie filling to make your pie extra creamy. You can even make a gingersnap crust to make your pie extra unique. You could also make a pumpkin cheesecake. There are plenty of recipes for them online.

For those people who don’t like pumpkin pie, they could also try making pecan pie. That is not an obvious choice for Thanksgiving dessert, but it still tastes good after dinner.

If you are one of those people who loves pumpkin, but not pie, you can always make a pumpkin cake. It still pertains to Thanksgiving with the pumpkin, but it is a tasty dessert that kids and adults of all ages love.

One more option for a unique Thanksgiving dessert is pecan bars. They are kind of like mini pecan pies, but in the shape of a square. These desserts are nice because they are super easy to take home. These yummy treats are made up of a crust and a filling that are almost the same as a pecan pie. These are perfect for Thanksgiving dessert because pecan pie is traditional and these desserts make your meal more unique.

So if you want to jazz up your Thanksgiving spread, but you don’t want to change up your traditional turkey and stuffing, then these are good ways to make your Thanksgiving dinner unique and special.