Summer: Bang for your Buck

By Sophie Peterson, Staff Writer

It’s the third week of Summer vacation at 11 o’clock in the morning after a long, well-deserved night of sleep. The sun is shining, and you’ve got the whole summer ahead of you, but there’s one big problem: you’re stuck in Portland right up until school starts again. The initial thrill of no homework, warm weather and more than 6 hours of sleep has worn off, and you realize that you haven’t got the first clue what to do for the rest of these glorious two months without spending a fortune. Luckily, we live in a beautiful city with endless things to do for under $10.

($0) Portland Farmers Market
If you’re looking for a fun (and very Portland-esque) place to shop, eat or just hang out at, try the Portland Farmers Market! This feast for the senses, located at Portland State University, is the best place in Portland to buy the freshest produce, meat, cheese, pastries, flowers and almost anything else! The Portland Farmers Market is open on Saturdays, Mar. 17 – Dec. 15 at 8:30am – 2:00pm.

($0) – Portland Saturday Market
For something a little more, shall we say, eccentric, try the Portland Saturday Market. The Portland Saturday Market is famous for its unique arts and crafts, delicious food, live music and of course, an abundance of interesting people. Located at the Waterfront Park, this bustling little community has something fun for everyone. Visit the Saturday Market on Saturdays from 10am – 5pm and Sundays from 11am – 4:30pm.

($0) – Flicks on the Bricks
If you’re in the mood for a good movie, but still want to get out of the suburbs, go to Flicks on the Bricks! Flicks on the Bricks is exactly what it sounds like: movies on the bricks of Pioneer Courthouse Square; and best of all, it’s free! Bring a chair, blankets and some popcorn to watch great movies in Portland’s living room! The movie series will kick-off on Friday, July 27th and continue through August 17th on four Friday nights.

($0) – Sand in the City (Recommended Donation of $4)
Just because you can’t go to the beach, doesn’t mean the beach can’t come to you! Sand in the City is a great event for all you beach-lovers: sand sculptors from all over Oregon come to Pioneer Courthouse Square and build elaborate sculptures made out of (you guessed it) sand! Also, all proceeds from the donations go to a great cause: the Kids on the Block Awareness Program, an anti-violence and bullying campaign. Come see the beach in the city July 20 – 22 at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

($10- $20, Recommended Donation of $10) – Waterfront Blues Festival
For all you Jazz and Blues aficionados, come see the Waterfront Blues Festival’s 25th Anniversary! Enjoy local food, artsy vendors and of course, great music! More than 30 Blues artists will be performing all day long, so bring some comfortable chairs and get ready to settle in for a long day of good music! The Blues Festival will be held on July 4th – 8th at the Waterfront.

($10- $20) – Oregon State Fair
Every good Oregonian knows that the Oregon State Fair is biggest, best-est fair in Oregon! It’s full of live music, good food, fun rides and daily events making it fun for everyone. Don’t miss the biggest fair in Oregon, it only comes once a year.

($10- $20) – The Enchanted Forest
If you can’t afford to go to Disneyland this summer, visit the Enchanted Forest instead! Significantly smaller, less crowded and 10 times more corny, this cute little amusement park is a great place for a day road trip! Although the park has only a few rides to offer, the other features of the park make up for it. Located in a lush forest on a hill right off I-5, the Enchanted Forest is a great place to have some good, unadulterated fun.

If you’ve got a little more cash to spend, try out these fun ideas for a little more money.

($30- $50) – Portland Timbers Game
If you’ve got a little money to spend, come have fun at a Portland Timbers Game! Oregon’s only professional soccer team needs support, so come dressed in your green and white! Seeing a game is a great way to have fun with fellow Portlanders and feel apart of the community, all while enjoying a good game. Prices of tickets and dates vary.

($30- $50) – Vans Warped Tour
Looking for a fun concert this summer? Come see the Vans Warped Tour, for a great way to hear some music, meet new people and just have a good time. Over 90 bands will be playing at the Warped Tour this year, and tickets are on sale now! This year’s tour will be from June 16 – Aug. 5 at the Rose Quarter Riverfront.