Ever wondered why the library is closed?

By Stephanie Caputo, Staff Writer

Students at Tigard High use the library for many reasons. Things like printing paper, checking out books, and using the Internet become a natural part of school for many people. It is an important resource that some students rely on, but what do you do when that resource isn’t available?

Librarian Eryn Mckee is one of the main supervisors of the library. She states that the library can be closed at any time, without giving student notice. These reasons can range anywhere from a staff meeting to the librarian being occupied and not being able to supervise. Some Tigard students may argue that it is unfair that an important student resource can be closed without warning, but it isn’t just the students who hear it last minute. Mckee says that, typically, she will recieve notice, but there are occasions when even she gets the news to close the library at the last minute.

If you’re really in need of the library, it is regulary open during school. The hours are even posted right on the entrance doors to the library.

Many of the resources available at the library are available online.